Doodlebug Design Advent Calendar Christmas Bundle



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This collector's edition Advent Calendar from Doodlebug Design is amax=zingly fun & festive - a perfect kickoff to a wonderful holiday season! This bundle includes everything you need to create the sample shown, including Doodlebug sprinkles, puffy icons, papers & more, all from the NEW Gingerbread Kisses Collection!

These packages are ready to ship out NOW and if ordered before Monday November 20th, they will ship out before Thanksgiving! If ordered with other items, this item will ship out separately so you have it as soon as possible to start creating.


You will receive the following items:

1 Doodlebug Advent Calendar House;

2. Three sheets of Christmas Jammies (red polka dot) pspers from the Gingerbread Kisses Collection and one 3" strip of pistachio dot/stripe for the chimney;

3. Gingerbread Kisses Icons Stickers

4. Gingerbread Kisses Puffy Icons

5. Shape Sprinkles - Gingerbread Trimmings

6. Shape Sprinkles - an Eye for an Eye

7. Shape Sprinkles - Gingerbread Kisses

8. Shape Sprinkles - Peppermint Place

This Advent Calendar House is part of the Gingerbread Kisses Collection from Doodlebug Design. This house features 24 drawers to decorate. This house is made from heavyweight white chipboard and measures 15" x 16". The 24 drawers measure 2.25" x 2.25" x 2.25". These drawers and the roof can be decorated with the Christmas Jammies paper (or other paper), it contains windows for the gable and fronts for each of the drawers. The back of the house can be decorated any way you please.